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Welcome at the Institute of Systems Biotechnology

Biotechnology has the potential to revolutionize industrial production - the team headed by Prof. Christoph Wittmann works in the heart of this exciting development. We design and develop cell factories to tailor the synthesis of valuable products - high-end healthcare ingredients, large volume platform chemicals, and smart bio-materials. For this we optimize metabolic pathways and their control in microorganisms and equip them even with new abilities – our leading approaches of systems metabolic engineering and synthetic biology make this possible. Furthermore, we use our "synthetic bugs" to develop innovative, environmentally friendly value chains. The synthesis of the future uses renewable raw materials - we too.

Latest Publications

  • Pauli S, Lamber J, Kohlstedt M, Becker J, Wittmann C (2023)

    Systems metabolic engineering upgrades Corynebacterium glutamicum to high-level production of the chiral drug precursor and cell-protective extremolyte L-pipecolic acid.

    Metab. Eng. 77:100-117. PUBMED.

  • Christmann J, Cao P, Desiderato CK, Goldbeck O, Kohlstedt M, Becker J, Riedel CU, Wittmann C (2023)

    High-efficiency production of the antimicrobial peptide pediocin PA-1 in metabolically engineered C. glutamicum using a microaerobic process at acidic pH and elevated levels of bivalent calcium ions

    Microb. Cell Fact. 22:41. PUBMED.

  • Weiland F, Barton N, Kohlstedt M, Becker J, Wittmann C (2023)

    Systems metabolic engineering upgrades Corynebacterium glutamicum to high-efficiency cis, cis-muconic acid production from lignin-based aromatics.

    Metab. Eng. 75:153-169. PUBMED.

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