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Biotechnology has the potential to revolutionize industrial production - the team headed by Prof. Christoph Wittmann works in the heart of this exciting development. We design and develop cell factories to tailor the synthesis of valuable products - high-end healthcare ingredients, large volume platform chemicals, and smart bio-materials. For this we optimize metabolic pathways and their control in microorganisms and equip them even with new abilities – our leading approaches of systems metabolic engineering and synthetic biology make this possible. Furthermore, we use our "synthetic bugs" to develop innovative, environmentally friendly value chains. The synthesis of the future uses renewable raw materials - we too.

Latest Publications

  • Gießelmann, G, Dietrich, D, Jungmann, L, Kohlstedt, M, Jeon, EJ, Yim, SS, Sommer, F, Zimmer, D, Mühlhaus, T, Schroda, M, Jeong, KJ, Becker, J, Wittmann, C (2019)

    Metabolic engineering of Corynebacterium glutamicum for high-level ectoine production – design, combinatorial assembly and implementation of a transcriptionally balanced heterologous ectoine pathway.

    Biotechnol. J. In press

  • Poblete-Castro, I, Wittmann, C, Nikel, PI (2019)

    Biochemistry, genetics, and biotechnology of glycerol utilization in Pseudomonas species.

    Microb. Biotechnol. PUBMED.

  • Becker, J, Wittmann, C (2019) (2019)

    A field of dreams: Lignin valorization into chemicals, materials, fuels, and health-care products.

    Biotechnol. Adv. in press. PUBMED.

iSBio News

New Bioeconomy Project within the Saarland Research Program

The Research Program (LFFP) promotes the further development of the Saarland as a knowledge and business location. Our new NINA project was selected 2019 as part of this funding initiative. Specifically, our team will explore the feasibility of using waste streams from the wood industry for...


Three recent iSBio dissertations published

Fresh published are the dissertations of Veronique Beckers, Jonathan Fabarius and Susanne Schwechheimer, who have carried out their PhD research work in our team. All of the doctoral projects were carried out jointly with industrial cooperation partners. Veronique worked in a green biotechnology...


New EU project with the French Metabolome platform in Toulouse

The EU initiative IBISBA - Industrial Biotechnology Innovation and Synthetic Biology Accelerator - enables researchers to collaborate transnationally with leading technology platforms to connect top-level biotechnology research within Horizon 2020. Our new project "High Flux" has been selected for...


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Welcome Julian!

"My name is Julian Stegmüller. I did my Bachelor and Master degree in Biotechnology at the Hochschule Mannheim. Since recently, I am a PhD student at the Institute for Systems Biotechnology. Together with other PhD students, I work on the synthesis of natural products using Streptomycetes ..."  [more]

New face at iSBio

"Hey, my name is Sofija Jovanovic. I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Molecular Biology and Physiology as well as Master Degree in Genetics Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Belgrade. During my studies in Serbia, I was a bass player in female rock band that had local success in the Balkan area ..."  [more]

Straight from the lab

  New liquid chromatography for   production characterization

At the iSBio, a new device for the quantification of sugars and acids in fermentation samples has arrived. Our analysis specialist Michel Fritz has already started to commission Agilent's new high-performance chromatography (HPLC) ... [more]